About Us

This page is to provide you with more information regarding me (Rick Pletcher) and the service’s I provide.

I am a family man with 2 boys & 1 girl under the age of 18, who never give us a dull moment. My wife, whom I’ve been with for over, 20 years does an amazing job keeping up with the household and and caring for everyone in it. They all keep the house lively and full of new surprises!

The service I provide is clipper blade sharpening for:

  • Groomers
  • Veterinarians
  • Beauty Shops
  • Farmers who raise large animals, like:


All of these classes of people use basically the same equipment, so you can see I specialize in sharpening Clipper blades and Scissors.

I also do clipper maintenance:

  • Oster clippers
  • Andis AG clippers
  • Stewart and Sunbeam clippers

It is important to use a sharpener who specializes in the equipment you have. The reason being is that I have received many blades that have been sharpened by a general sharpener, who knew nothing about clipper blades. The blades were sharpened by the wrong equipment and a lot of times ruined the blades.

I have seen the same with clipper repairs. People complain their clippers won’t work, and when I open them up I find the clipper has been put together wrong.

This is why I specialize in dealing with this area of sharpening and repair, because it requires the right training to do these right.
I have worked in personal contact with groomers, veterinarians, and beauty shops as a mobile sharpener for 10 years to know everything their is to know on how you use your equipment.

I also know that most of you don’t like to be without your tools for very long. This is why I strive to get all orders out within 1-2 business day. I will even work on Saturdays & most Holidays to get your tools back in the mail as soon as possible. I am located in the middle of the U.S.A in the state of Indiana. Using 1st class postal mail, you can have an order any where in the USA in 1-3 days.

I am only an email away, so feel free to contact me and I will to reply to you within one business day.


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