Are your clipper blades not cutting?

Are your clipper blades not cutting?

Do you have new clipper blades that do not not cut right? Do you have a clipper blade that has Do your clipper blades need sharpening?suddenly stopped cutting or is cutting uneven? Try cleaning the clipper blades, making sure you get all the hair out between the comb & cutter blades.

When hair gets between the blades the clipper blade will not cut right. This is also a sign that the tension on the blade is getting to loose. Reset the tension to around 2.5 – 3lb. One way to know your tension is right is to slide the cutter blade to one side. Then with a kitchen scale push down on the cutter blade until it moves. Take note where the needle was when the cutter moved. This is your blades tension. Do not set the tension over 4lb. Your blade will dull quicker and run hotter.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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Keep your clipper blades cutting by using a professional clipper blade sharpener.