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How do I keep my clipper blades from getting dull?                                                  Order Form

Clipper blades become dull when dirt, grit, and dander get in between the cutting surfaces of the blade.  The first thing that can be done to ensure a long lasting sharp blade is to make sure that the hair or fur is clean.  This can be challenging especially in animals with heavy undercoats.  The undercoat will trap dirt and sand. It is important to get as much of that out as possible.  The second thing that can be done is oil your blade. Most people do not oil nearly enough if at all.  As a rule, for every fifteen minutes of clipping time, you need to oil.  These two things will dramatically increase how long your blade stays sharp.

How do I oil my blade?

When you oil a blade you are wanting to get oil on the parts of the blade where there is tension or friction.  Looking at the back of the blade you can see where the spring seats into the cutter blade.  One drop of oil goes down into the rail.  On the back side of the comb (the larger of the metal pieces.), you will see two shiny rails.  A drop of oil goes onto each of the rails.  You do not need to take your blade apart to oil it.  Just slide the cutter blade to one side to oil as close to the center of the blade as possible.

How do I clean my blade?

Take a toothbrush and brush the hair out from between the teeth.  There are many products that aid in the removal of oils and dirt. Personally, the multi-purpose sprays, either Andis cool care or Oster clean and care work well. Never dip a blade while running on your clipper. This will work its way into the clipper and thin out the grease. Keep in mind that even though these products say that they include oil they do not replace the actual oiling of your blades.  Any time you clean your blades you should also oil them.

How should I store my blades?

Make sure that your blades are clean and oil before putting them in a blade case.  It is not recommended that you keep your blade case in an area with high moisture or humidity.

My shears are bending the hair; I have to really press with my thumb to make them cut, what’s wrong?

Most likely, the tension of the shears is too loose. While they may feel “effortless” when loose, if you’re compensating with your thumb when cutting, you’re stressing your hand more and dulling the edge faster.

My shears are pushing the hair, help me?

The shears could very well be dull, or the tension could be loose. First, make sure the tension is correct and then test for sharpness by cutting a wet piece of sanek strip. The scissors should cut the sanek without pushing or folding it.

I dropped my shears, now what?

Dropping might cause a lot of damage, or it may do no permanent harm. The best solution is to stop using them and pick up your backup scissor to finish the cut. When you have time, run your scissor through daily maintenance, feel how they operate and check the sharpness. If you hear or feel a “click” with each stroke of the shears, absolutely stop using them! If it just doesn’t feel right, set them aside and send them to us for repair.

Someone sharpened my shears recently but now they won’t cut, what is the deal?
You may have been the victim of amateur sharpening, or you may have done enough haircuts to dull the shears. While most scissors will last 4-6 months between sharpenings, the time will vary due to the number of haircuts you do and the quality of the hair being cut. Dirty & oily hair will dull the scissors faster than clean hair. No scissor, despite what a slick talking salesman may have told you, will “never need to be sharpened,” nor will they “sharpen themselves as they cut.” Shears go dull with use and can be sharpened and restored to new by us.

How long will my shears last?

Quality scissors coupled with proper maintenance and sharpening can last many years.  8-10 is common. Improper sharpening will take a lot of the useful lifespan out of your scissors.

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  • Clipper blade sharpening
  • Shear sharpening
  • Andis & Oster clipper repair

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