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Dog Clipper BladesCan my dog clipper blades be sharpened?

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I am asked more times than not if a dog clipper

Dog Clipper Bladesblade can be sharpened. Many times a clipper blade for dogs is used till it becomes dull, then is thrown out.

Dog clipper blades are made to be sharpened again and again as many as 7-10 times. Clippers blades can be sharpened at a fraction of the cost of a new
one. Small animal and large animal blades consist of 2 blades, a comb and a cutter.
If you look closely at a comb blade (large blade) you will see that their are 2 raised railes. The cutter (small blade) sets on these railes.When you have your clipper blades sharpened these rails are where the material is removed to bring your blade back to being sharp.
If you have had your dog clipper blades sharpened by a general sharpener, and have been unhappy with the results, you need to get your clipper blade sharpened by a professorial clipper blade sharpener.

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Dog Clipper blades become dull when dirt, grit and dander get in between the cutting surfaces of the blade.  The first thing that can be done to ensure a long lasting sharp blade is to make sure that the hair or fur is clean.  This can be challenging especially in animals with heavy undercoats.  The undercoat will trap dirt and sand. It is important to get as much of that out as possible.  The second thing that can be done is oil your blade. Most people do not oil nearly enough if at all.  As a rule, for every fifteen minutes of clipping time you need to oil.  These two things will dramatically increase how long your dog clipper blades stays sharp.