Clipper blades, shears, clipper repairs!

dog_blade_548Small animal blades                                                             

$5.25 a set

Large Animal BladeLarge animal  blades  

$6.00 a set

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We also sharpen your ceramic cutters!


Grooming Shears

 $4.50 a pair

Beauty Shears

$7.00 a pair

Scissoring Dog

We sharpen:

Straight shears

Curved shears

Thinning shears

We sharpen all shears except left handed shears.



Oster clippers – A5
$20.00 a clipper
Includes new link & Lever
Other part will be extra



Andis clippers – AG
$20.00 a clipper
Includes new blade drive
Other part will be extra 

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All blades are sharpened and returned in 1 business day. It may take 2 days if you are sending over 20 blades. If sending clippers with order. I return in 1 – 3 business days. It depends if parts need to be ordered or not.

$7.25 Flat Rate Shipping


You pay 1 flate rate. 

Send 10 blade. Pay $7.25

Send 20 blades & a clipper.
Pay $7.25

Rates apply to USA only!


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