Order Form

Since we offer a service that requires sharpening & repairs we ask that you send us your clipper_blade_sharpenerequipment along with your business card and email address.We Then service your equipment and send you an Invoice through This allows you to make payment with your credit card or check without having to give me your account information. Once payment is made I then ship out your equipment through the Post Office.

For your assurance.  Write all blade sizes and make in the note section of the order form. Then make a copy for yourself.

Please Note: When choosing to pay by check, send payment with order.

Steps to sending your equipment in to be serviced. 

1. Go to the Post Office and ask for a flat rate box. 10 blades or less (small box) 10+ blades with clippers (Medium box) Make sure it is the one at least 5.5″ high. You can also go to to order boxes and schedule a pickup.

If you send  in an envelope you run the risk of it arriving torn and missing items. Also clipperDog looking down blades teeth will break off. Always send in a box.

2. Download our Order form and send with shipment. Make sure to include your email address. We use your email to send your invoice and to let you know the status of your order.
3. Wrap each item individually. Make sure nothing rattles in the box once closed. You run the risk of broken teeth if this isn’t done.

4. Send to: The Groomers Edge 7746 West 1350 North  Nappanee, IN. 46550

5. Send me an email (if you want) at our contact page to let me know you are sending your equipment. How many blades,scissors & clippers to be repaired.

6. Look for my email that your package has arrived, then a later email from Paypal with your invoice. This email will send you to their secure website to make payment with your choice of credit card or check.

7. Payment options are credit cards threw & Checks.

 Click image to print order form.

Order form