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Top Tips to a Sharper Clipper Blade

    Top Tips to a Sharper Clipper Blade (Sharpening) I want to share with you top tips to a sharper clipper blade.¬† As a pet groomer you spend a lot of money on clipper blade sharpening. Here are 3 tips to a sharper blade. 1. The top tip to […]

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Clipper blade sharpening service

Clipper blade sharpening service!   Do you know anything about the equipment that your current “Clipper Blade Sharpenering service” is using to sharpen your expensive clipper blades? A professional¬†Clipper Blade Sharpening Service Uses a top of the line aluminum alloy honing disk. The disk we use has a 3.5″ outer […]

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Clipper blade teeth

Do you have a clipper blade that is not combing through the hair? One thing that may be happening is a bent tooth on the comb blade. The picture to the left is a #40 comb blade. If you look close you will see a bent tooth in the middle. […]

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